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My Story

Do you remember smelling a certain scent that takes you back to a sunny hot day in the summer?   What about that day you and your cousins sat around the table eating Grandmas baked apple pie at the kitchen table?  How about the smell of fresh flowers on your wedding day?  This is one reason I love Scentsy! To each of us, scents can bring back all different memories.  I love Scentsy as I am one that suffers from migraines and there is still a large amount of scents that I am able to warm without triggering my headache/migraine.  I started with Scentsy in 2009 to help support my addiction for the wax and warmers. With each year Scentsy gets better by bringing out more products. It is no longer a company that sells just warmers and wax. With all of their scents in each product, a memory will come back or start a new one! What I didn't know years ago when I signed up is how many friendships this company would create for me over the years, the adventures, and the trips that can be earned, the different benefits I have been able to donate to. I love that I can take things at my own speed and still feel independent. If you have every thought of joining Scentsy, I would say jump in... join my team, I would love to have you!  
If you have any other comments or questions about anything, please contact me.
Have a Scent-sational day!